iPhone App 1.5.10 / Android App 1.5.11

  1. Giannis dunking over Tim Hardaway, Jr.
  2. Hank Aaron slugging one out of the park
  3. Reginald Baylor painting
  4. Milwaukee flyers and gymnasts
  5. Milwaukee County Transit Bus
  6. Build your own Hop with Beginning, middle, and end.

iPhone App 1.5.8 / Android App 1.5.10

  1. Send your friends breaking news with CBS58’s Jessica Tighe, the newest LocaMoji Milwaukeean.
  2. Announce big news with the House of Harley’s giant chair.
  3. If you won’t have any of it, block out the world with some new Koss headphones.
  4. And surely it’s the time of year when you'll recognize the DPW salt truck with plow. Pair it up with Webster X sitting sadly on his car to let friends know you’ve been plowed in.

iPhone App 1.5.6 / Android App 1.5.8

This update contains Milwaukee holiday traditions.

  1. Santa Cycle Rampage (Female)
  2. Santa Cycle Rampage (Male)
  3. The singing Grand Ave. bears
  4. St. Nicolas’ shoe with candy
  5. St. Nicolas’ shoe with coal
  6. Miller High Life Champagne
  7. Downtown Holiday Lights
  8. The Menorah Parade
  9. Armour Elf Storage
  10. The Iron Ho Ho
  11. The Kooky Cooky House

iPhone App 1.5.5 / Android App 1.5.7

This new update contains Milwaukee celebs, sports stars, and mascots.

  1. David Gruber’s “One call, that’s all!”
  2. Tiffany and Molly from TMJ4’s “The Morning Blend”
  3. Kareem Abdul‑Jabbar on the Milwaukee Bucks
  4. The Milwaukee Bucks’ Bango doing a dunk
  5. and give it up for Roscoe from the Milwaukee Admirals!

iPhone App 1.5.4 / Android App 1.5.6

Up‑north comes south. Plus some gone‑but‑not‑forgotten Milwaukee celebrities.

  1. Door County Fish Boil
  2. Musky Fishing (Male)
  3. Musky Fishing (Female)
  4. Frank Pecoraro, the Pepperoni Canoli guy
  5. and you can thank Rick Bie for the inclusion of Increase Lapham.

iPhone App 1.5.3 / Android App 1.5.5

The standalone iPhone Stickers app has been retired and combined into the iPhone app. Two functionalities for the price of one (which is still FREE)!

5 new music-themed LocaMojis:

  1. Juiceboxxx in “Walking in Milwaukee”
  2. Lex Allen
  3. No/No in “Whatever”
  4. Webster X in “Blue Streak”
  5. Hand with a phone with a Lighter app

iPhone App 1.5.2 / iPhone Stickers 1.0.4 / Android App 1.5.4

Summerfest is back and we have 3 new Summerfest LocaMojis!

  1. Miller Lite Oasis
  2. Marcus Amphitheater Grass Seats
  3. Saz’s Plate


  1. A Miller Lite can courtesy of Miller Brewing Company


  1. We de‑Apple’d our “Er no?” LocaMoji and made them more OnMilwaukee‑y. Now available in two flavors.

iPhone App 1.5.1 / iPhone Stickers 1.0.2 / Android App 1.5.2

  1. Byron Kilbourn with Torch
  2. Mariachi Band
  3. Milwaukee Toast (“414! Let’s have one more!”
  4. Robin Yount’s Mustache
  5. And we polished up the ever‑popular Bronze Fonz thumbs.

iPhone App 1.5 / iPhone Stickers 1.0 / Android App 1.5

  1. LocaMoji iMessage stickers are here! Mix, match, twist, resize, and have fun in the modern iMessage app.
  2. Android: Increased the size of the images up to 3x the size!
  3. Summerfest LocaMojis are back!
  4. We partnered with Colectivo Coffee to bring you a Colectivo Coffee Cup and a Colectivo Bus.
  5. We partnered with the Bartolotta Restaurants to bring you two wait staff, at your service.
  6. And a bonus dead Alewife.
  7. Included historic LocaMojis:
  8. Dick Bacon
  9. Atomic Records
  10. County Stadium
  11. The Lanche
  12. National Liquor Bar Sign
  13. Oriental Drugs
  14. Abandoned Solvay Coke Facotory
  15. and Sydney Hih


  1. Included historic LocaMojis:
  2. Dick Bacon
  3. Atomic Records
  4. County Stadium
  5. The Lanche
  6. National Liquor Bar Sign
  7. Oriental Drugs
  8. Abandoned Solvay Coke Facotory
  9. and Sydney Hih


Featured LocaMojis
  1. “Milwaukee Monster” by Couto Bros.
  2. Esperanza Unida International Building’s “Mural of Peace”
  3. “Glitch Frog” by MTO
  4. “Koi” by Jeremy Novy
  5. Food Truck


  1. 414 Address
  2. Too Much Metal for One Hand
  3. Football Hip Thrust
  4. Lake Park Lighthouse (with and without Pokémon Go players)
  5. Milwaukee‑ism: “Er no?”

v 1.4.260

Breakwater LocaMoji pack

5 new Milwaukee LocaMojis:

  1. Breakwater Condos brought to you by Corely Real Estate [Free]
  2. Wisconsin State Flag [Free]
  3. DPW Garbage Truck [Free]
  4. Outdoor Music Festival [99¢ Summer Pack]
  5. Watch Waukesha‑native Gwen Jorgensen compete in the Rio Triathlon on August 20. [99¢ Summer Pack]

v 1.4.25

Featured Potawatomi Hotel & Casino LocaMojis

Jackpot Edition: LocaMoji has teamed up with Potawatomi Hotel and Casino to bring you 7 new FREE LocaMojis.

  1. Slot Machine jackpot in male and female flavors [Free]
  2. Bingo board with dauber [Free]
  3. The casino flame [Free]
  4. Potawatomi Hotel [Free]
  5. The bright shining Heart on Canal Street [Free]
  6. Potawatomi Flame logo [Free]

We're also sad to see Summerfest go, but with any luck, they'll be back next year.

Got any more ideas you wanna see? Keep sending them. We're listening. info@locamoji.me.

v 1.4.24

9 fresh new LocaMojis

  1. Growing Power’s Will Allen (with Compost) [Free]
  2. Ko-Thi Dancer (Female) [Free]
  3. Ko-Thi Drummer (Male) [Free]
  4. Paddle Boarding on the Milwaukee River (in front of “Dream with the Fishes for Aurora”) [99¢ Summer Pack]
  5. Paleteria Cart (Female) [99¢ Summer Pack]
  6. Paleteria Cart (Male) [99¢ Summer Pack]
  7. Pete’s Pops (Coconut) [99¢ Summer Pack]
  8. Pete’s Pops (Root Beer) [99¢ Summer Pack]
  9. Pete’s Pops (Strawberry) [99¢ Summer Pack]

v 1.4.22

Introducing 8 new LocaMojis.

Featured Summerfest LocaMojis
  1. The Summerfest Pack will be available for a limited time only and features 6 new LocaMojis.
    • Summerfest Smile
    • Summerfest Skyglider
    • Summerfest Instruments
    • BMO Harris Pavillion
    • Marcus Amphitheater
    • Summerfest Mid-Gate
  2. A new Summer Pack LocaMoji
    • Table dancers
  3. And you can now fly the People’s Flag of Milwaukee.

v 1.4

  1. Introducing the Summer Pack with 20 new LocaMojis.
    • Bob Uecker
    • Beach Volleyball (Female)
    • Beach Volleyball (Male)
    • Biergarten
    • Bublr Bike (Female)
    • Bublr Bike (Male)
    • Tailgating
    • Underwear Ride (Female)
    • Underwear Ride (Male)
    • Hank the Ballpark Pup
    • Cheese Curds (Fried)
    • Cream Puff
    • Custard Cone
    • Beer Cup Stack
    • Beer in Plastic Cup
    • Beer in Glass Stein
    • Miller Park (Roof Closed)
    • Miller Park (Roof Opened)
    • Mitchell Airport (Arrival)
    • Mitchell Airport (Departure)
  2. Updated Lake Michigan with a beautiful gradient.

v 1.3

  1. LocaMoji’s are now available on Android.
  2. Added 6 new LocaMojis for the Milwaukee Art Museum’s MAM After Dark celebration on Friday, June 20, 2016.
    1. Alex Katz’s “Sunny #4”
    2. Dale Chihuly’s “Isola di San Giacomo in Palude Chandelier II”
    3. Duane Hanson’s “Janitor”
    4. Patrons looking at Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s “The Seated Clowness.”
    5. Santiago Calatrava’s “Burke Brise Soleil” (AKA the Milwaukee Art Museum) with wings closedl
    6. Santiago Calatrava’s “Burke Brise Soleil” (AKA the Milwaukee Art Museum) with wings open
  3. Added a speech balloon to the Alice Cooper LocaMoji cuz he’s not from Milwaukee, he just said a Milwaukee thing.

v 1.2

  1. Some of our gold emoji skintones accidentally took on more of a tanned hue, so we guilded those LocaMojis so as to remain as racially neutral as possible.
  2. Added 5 new LocaMojis.
    1. Hot ham and roll
    2. James Lovell
    3. Red lighthouse
    4. Shot and a beer
    5. Swing park under the Holton Street viaduct

v 1.1

  1. Added 5 new LocaMojis.
    1. Bloody Mary with chaser
    2. Fish Fry
    3. City Hall
    4. Alice Cooper
    5. Vel Phillips
  2. Added long sleeves to our 50°F runners.
  3. Added white border around all LocaMojis for messaging apps that don’t properly handle PNG transparency.